X+Q Art at Paul Smith Melbourne


Paul Smith Melbourne is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition of handmade sculptures by X+Q Art.

The brainchild of contemporary artists Xiang Jing and Qu Guangci, Chinese art collective X+Q Art construct colourful and vivid stories with their arresting sculptural pieces.

Showing in galleries from London to Shanghai and with the exhibition recently on display in his shop in Faubourg St Honore, Paris, Paul Smith is delighted to be hosting the artists’ work in his Melbourne shop. Two of China’s most successful modern artists, Xiang Jing and Qu Guangci have created complimentary pieces that sit side-by-side in the Paul Smith shop each capturing a whimsical and humorous tone.

In her I Have Seen Happiness sculpture series, Xiang Jing aims to celebrate youth and create an optimistic mood with her vibrant rabbit sculptures flocked in rich shades of red, blue, yellow and green.The collection is particularly appropriate given Paul’s own fondness for rabbits.

Whilst in The Angelest Qian and The Angelest Kun, Qu Guangci fuses Eastern and Western sentiments, referencing both in his series of winged oriental angels. Similarly bright to Xiang Jing’s I Have Seen Happiness, Qu also aims to illuminate visitors instilling brightness and positivity through art.

26th February – 10th April 2014
Paul Smith, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne

The brainchild of contemporary artists Xiang Jing and Qu Guangci, Chinese art collective X+Q Art construct colourful


I Have Seen Happiness

You use a red cloth

to cover the eyes, and the sky

You ask what I see

I say, I have seen happiness

– Cui Jian, The Red Cloth

The Chinese art brand X+Q Art is invited for a special exhibition at Paul Smith flagship store in Paris to coincide with the Paris Fashion Week in autumn 2013.

I Have Seen Happiness, is an artwork especially created by the artist Xiang Jing and X+Q Art, personifies youth and innocence, inspired by the song from Cui Jian, the father of Chinese Rock. This sculptural representation of happiness is flocked in a rich red, blue, yellow and green, making it soft to touch. The sculpture embodies happiness, pureness and optimism, inspiring the pursuit of happiness and beauty in this word.

X+Q Art at Paul Smith
October – November 2013
3 rue Faubourg Saint Honore, Paris
Sit on Cloud
X+Q Showroom

X+Q Art

September, 2012

Squint South Kensington, London Design Festival 2012

Leading contemporary artists Xiang Jing and Qu Guangci will be showcasing their design brand X+Q Art in London on 20 September during the London Design Festival (14-23 September 2012).

For Beijing Duo X+Q, home is where the art is Jing Daily

I always believe that being a sculptor is a spiritual profession that is closest to God, because as a sculptor you are creating and shaping lives, too – Dazed Digital interview with Qu Guangci