Language is the most powerful means of communication we have – but only if it is used well.

Writing copy to explain your ideas and services can’t be easy. Translating it to a different language with different cultural reference points is a true test of linguistic ability, because what you are translating is never simply a series of signs or letters on a page but a set of unspoken assumptions and values.

Each language has its own tics. The difference between Chinese and English language is obvious, be it structure, grammar, vocabulary, and even the spacing layout gives people completely different impressions.

With a passion for both languages, Alicia continues to work on translation and editing projects with leading media and cultural organisations.

Noye's Fludde


27 October 2012, Beijing Music Festival, UK Now Festival

10 – 19 August 2012, Belfast Zoo, London 2012 Festival

K T Wong Foundation, London

The co-production of Benjamin Britten’s Opera for children, Noye’s Fludde, between the K T Wong Foundation and Northern Ireland Opera showcased at Belfast Zoo as part of London 2012 Festival, and travelled to Beijing as part of the UK Now Festival.

Yang Fudong: One and Half August
Zhang Huan Zhu Gangqiang
SunLiang_cover copy