The Shanghai Dream

“We have all heard of the American dream – a land of opportunity for prosperity and success, the Irish Dream – a land for romantic poets living elsewhere. What about the Chinese dream?”

I have always had a fascination with Shanghai, the dream-like city where East meets West, and old meets the new. My grandfather, Qiusi Dong, translated Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield into Chinese when he lived in Shanghai in the 1930s. For me it’s one of the few places that could bridge China and the West, and where new ideas are born.

This summer I went to the Shanghai Book Fair and Literary Festival to re-discover the Shanghai dream – China is keen to understand the world much more so than we realise.

Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair 7-10 November 2013

The full article was originally published on BookBrunch.

Granta China

Small is beautiful – a new generation of private Chinese publishers

When the British economist E F Schumancher first arrived at the idea that “small is beautiful”, he probably never thought it could apply to China. The country’s size and vast population mean that everything it does is on a scale that breeds shock and wonder…

This article outlining my views of the Chinese publishers coming to this year’s London Book Fair. This article was originally published on BookBrunch.


The London Book Fair 2012 – China Project Consultant

15 – 18 April, 2012

Earls Court, London

As one of the largest events in the publishing industry, the London Book Fair 2012 and the China Market Focus programme placed a spotlight on contemporary Chinese authors and China as an important publishing arena.

It has been an enormous pleasure to have you with us – your wise counsel, superb project management skills and in-depth knowledge of the arts both here and in China has been invaluable!

Alistair Burtenshaw – Director, The London Book Fair, Reed Exhibitions

Love London

Love London by Vogue China – Co-Editor

February, 2007

A special supplement published by Vogue China with a focus on London as the creative capital. It covers from the arts with a case study of the cultural heartland – the South Bank, the diverse food culture which reflects the multi-cultural communities in the city to the new talents the city discovered, from the glamorous West End performers to the hip East End artists.