Soka Hong Ling invitation

Hong Ling Contemporary Chinese Landscape – Exhibition Consultant

30 October – 12 November 2012

Soka Art at Asia House
In partnership with Asian Art in London, King’s College London China Institute and EMI Classics

Hong Ling, one of China’s most revered landscape painters is to unveil his first UK exhibition, Hong Ling: Contemporary Chinese Landscape, at Asia House, as part of the Asian Art in London 2012.

Hong Ling’s work is magnificent and has given us all great pleasure. I hope to see more of his work showing in the UK.
Sir John Boyd, chairman of Asia House, former chairman of British Museum

“The concept of landscape painting in the East and West is rather different in my view. My aim is to convey the Chinese aesthetics of the universe – ‘my mind is the universe; the universe is my mind’ – through oil painting, a medium with its roots in the West.”

Hong Ling on JMW Turner’s Snow Storm – Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth (c.1842), TATE ETC, Spring 2013

Noye's Fludde


27 October 2012, Beijing Music Festival, UK Now Festival

10 – 19 August 2012, Belfast Zoo, London 2012 Festival

K T Wong Foundation, London

The co-production of Benjamin Britten’s Opera for children, Noye’s Fludde, between the K T Wong Foundation and Northern Ireland Opera showcased at Belfast Zoo as part of London 2012 Festival, and travelled to Beijing as part of the UK Now Festival.