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The Nordic Cool – The Power of the Arts

It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances.

Oscar Wilde, saw on a shop window in Stockholm



A highlight of the trip is that we managed to visit three most picturesque art galleries –

  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
    – an old country house which has undergone seven expansions by the visionary Danish architects. The sculpture garden is playful and somehow communicates a spiritual side of the Danish coast beyond the time
  • Fotografiska, Stockholm
    – beautifully curated show with Sally Mann’s photography on the controversial topic on decay and death
  • Artipelag, Stockholm
    – with hardly any English directory guide (very rare in Sweden I was told – only because the island was just open to the public the week before) we mounted a boat and headed to the dreamland combining art and archipelago, and it did not disappoint us. With the nordic sea and pine forest as the backdrop, we were surrounded by things that inspire, be it art, architecture or nature.

When you walk around the cultural institutions during the week, you will be surprised to find how packed they are. There are cultural tourists, educational groups, retired people, people on their lunch breaks, from all walks of life.

A city is not only a city of its time. It is linked to history. I was fascinated by the educated nordic crowds. What kind of history can nurture such a nation? I hardly know anything about them if not because of the TV series like Borgon or the Bridge. Geographically it’s on the edge of Europe, away from the chaos. But it’s not away from the centre of the universe – the power of the arts here says it all. Another chance perhaps when I come back, I will try to find out the reason behind it; but for now, let’s just enjoy the chance of being a tourist who is falling in love with the stylish land.





X+Q Showroom

X+Q Art

September, 2012

Squint South Kensington, London Design Festival 2012

Leading contemporary artists Xiang Jing and Qu Guangci will be showcasing their design brand X+Q Art in London on 20 September during the London Design Festival (14-23 September 2012).

For Beijing Duo X+Q, home is where the art is Jing Daily

I always believe that being a sculptor is a spiritual profession that is closest to God, because as a sculptor you are creating and shaping lives, too – Dazed Digital interview with Qu Guangci